SiGNeL: content guidelines

Moderators will apply these guidelines when reviewing messages. Subscribers are advised to abide by these guidelines when submitting messages to the SiGNeL forum:

Messages should be:

101 related to gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues. . . . and . . .

102 relevant to Singapore, though important international gay and lesbian news, even if not concerning Singapore, would be welcome, since it would be of interest to some Singaporeans.

Moderators will bar these messages:

201 Lewd messages, meaning descriptions which are graphic and designed to be prurient.

202 Messages that do not contain news or opinions about issues, but are in the nature of personal ads. This also includes messages that solicit for sexual or physical contact, or contain physical descriptions of the sender (“stats”), his hobbies, interests, or other personal information that have no bearing on issues.

203 Messages that do not contain news or opinions about issues, but are primarily personal attacks, flaming or wisecracks about another subscriber.

204 Statements that are potentially defamatory. (This doesn’t mean that robust criticism is not allowed, but you need to substantiate your opinion with facts.)

205 Statements that incite hatred of other races, religions or minority groups. (This rule is used narrowly; it doesn’t mean that politically incorrect statements are barred.)

206 Statements that incite violence, or information that facilitate criminal acts, e.g. importing or distribution of drugs. Needless to say, exception is made for discussion of consensual sex regardless of gender.

207 Messages which are mainly in the nature of advertising by commercial businesses. This rule is modified by these exceptions:

(a) a subscriber may post information or reviews about shows, films, bars, restaurants, clubs, gay-friendly hotels, travel packages and destinations, etc, provided he declares that he has no financial interest in the subject.

(b) participants are welcome to post messages about rooms for rent. We realise that there is a demand for lodging in gay households, and we hope SiGNeL can play a part in facilitating that.

Messages may be delayed by the moderator if

301 The message is extremely long (including trailing old messages and signature blocks). Moderators will give priority to short messages.

302 Traffic load is very heavy (e.g. over 25 messages a day). In order not to overburden subscribers with too much mail, the moderators may set a quota on the number of messages broadcast per day, with the excess kept in a queue for the following day(s).

303 If one or two subscribers are “hogging” the list through too many messages, the moderators may impose a quota on these subscribers, in order to create room for other views.

Please see Netiquette guidelines as well

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