On the coming general election

People Like Us urges all Singaporeans to take a bit of trouble to find out what each party and what each candidate contesting in your constituency stand for, and to cast your vote wisely.

No doubt it is hard for any person to reduce a multitude of concerns to a single vote choice. Undeniably, bread and butter concerns, e.g. employment, income security, housing, healthcare, cost of living, will carry considerable weight in our decision-making.

But elections are not just about deciding which leader or government we want to shower us with material comfort; it’s also about playing a part in the making and remaking of our state and society — the quality of political debate and the vigour of important institutions.

At the same time, elections are also about making known our values and ideals. Perhaps, on your part, justice and equality — represented by two of the five stars on the Singapore flag — are among them. If so, then let your vote choice reflect them too, sending a message of non-discrimination and inclusiveness, and doing your part to create a better society that respects these moral values, so that

  • families stay whole and loving despite the diversity they contain
  • all Singaporeans are accorded fair opportunities to fulfill their aspirations
  • as a nation, we draw strength and creativity from the interplay among our multi-hued differences.

Please do your part this coming general election.

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