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Organisation: status of society

While People Like Us as an informal group has existed since 1993, the Singapore government has twice refused to grant formal registration, in 1997 and 2004. 2. The application of “People Like Us” was rejected under Sections 4(2)(b) and 4(2)(d) of the Societies Act, that is, the Registrar shall refuse to register a society if […]

Organisation: membership and meetings

Since People Like Us is not yet a formally constituted society, we do not have formal memberships, nor do we hold regular meetings. A pro-tem committee has existed since 1993 to keep our hopes alive. People Like Us runs an email forum ‘SiGNeL’ which serves as a platform for discussing gay issues and local politics […]

Organisation: provisional constitution

This version of the proposed constitution incorporates the amendments voted upon in the pre-registration General Meeting of 4 Feb 2004, and is the version lodged with the Registry of Societies on 25 Feb 2004: NAME 1.1 This Society shall be known as “People Like Us”, hereinafter referred to as the “Society”.      PLACE OF […]

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