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On the coming general election

People Like Us urges all Singaporeans to take a bit of trouble to find out what each party and what each candidate contesting in your constituency stand for, and to cast your vote wisely. No doubt it is hard for any person to reduce a multitude of concerns to a single vote choice. Undeniably, bread […]

People Like Us calls on the government of Singapore to recogise the significance of the judgement issued by the Delhi High Court on 2 July 2009, reading down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, thus decriminalising homosexual acts between consenting persons aged 18 and above, and to do the honourable thing immediately – to […]

From 28 April 2008, videogames with “homosexual themes” cannot be sold to anyone under 18, announced the Media Development Authority (MDA) on 14 April. A new rating system will come into effect that day, under which the “Mature 18″ category is meant for games with: Violence: Realistic depiction Sex: Sex with some nudity Nudity: Topless […]

The Media Development Authority made the following public announcement on 9 April 2008: Starhub Cable Vision fined for breaching the TV Advertising Code StarHub Cable Vision (SCV) has been fined by the Media Development Authority (MDA) for showing a commercial of a song that depicted lesbian kissing scenes. The commercial which was to promote a […]

Censors ban gay Muslim documentary

Director Parvez Sharma (left) and producer Sandi DuBowski (right)     The groundbreaking documentary A jihad for love has been banned from Singapore, the city-state’s authorities announced recently. An exploration of how gay and lesbian Muslims negotiated their place within their religion, the highly-acclaimed film was originally included in the programming of the Singapore International Film […]

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