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People Like Us made its second attempt to be registered under the Societies Act in 2004. The application papers were lodged on 25 Feb 2004. A sum of $400 was also raised from supporters in readiness for the Registrar’s approval, at which time the sum would have to be paid as registration fee. The Registrar […]

Singapore suffered serious economic recession after the September 11th al-Qaeda attack and in the wake of the dotcom bust. In addition, China was opening up and attracting foreign investment while Southeast Asian countires languished. The government saw that it was necessary to attract talent to Singapore for the next phase of economic growth. In February […]

History of PLU: book published, 2003

After a gestation of 3 years, the book People Like Us: Sexual Minorities in Singapore (edited by Joseph Lo and Huang Guoqin; Select Publishing) was launched in March 2003. It contained papers presented at 2 closed-door forums that Joseph Lo organised in 1999, held at the Substation. The book also contained essays contributed by others […]

History of PLU: going public 2000 – 2003

Despite the refusal of the government to permit a public forum on gay issues, things had changed considerably since 5 years previously. Some PLU members were publicly out. The internet was becoming a useful medium for spreading the word beyond the Singapore gay community. Foreign journalists also took up the issue from time to time, and […]

History of PLU: public survey, 2000

While waiting for the decision, PLU organized a survey of the public’s attitudes, led by Dinesh Naidu. With very limited resources, it could not be a rigorously scientific one, but it would still give a good flavour of public attitudes. More importantly, unlike the few other surveys done, PLU’s survey avoided judgemental questions, such as […]

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