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At the Hope Concert on 13 Decmeber 2007, Alex Au, on behalf of People Like Us, presented PLU’s 2007 Dignity Award to Rev Dr Yap Kim Hao, in recognition of his unyielding support for LGBTs in Singapore. Rev Yap, currently an advisor to the inclusive Free Community Church, has written letters to the press and […]

PLU’s public education ad in FOCAS

This is the full-page ad that will soon appear in FOCAS an arts criticism magazine.

History of PLU: international dimensions, 2005

In the wake of the Boxing Day tsunami (26 December 2004), a number of gay and lesbian support groups organised a donation drive for cash and materials on 1 January 2004. Word was put out through PLU’s SiGNeL and other gay and lesbian lists. The total raised was over $5,000 in cash, a lorryload of […]

History of PLU: speaking out 2003 – 2005

After about a month of media interest, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong signalled to the media to stop reporting on the gay issue at his National Day Rally speech in August 2003. Inside sources in media newsrooms confirmed to PLU that this signal from the PM was heard by editors. Despite the media black-out, PLU […]

History of PLU: Indignation 2005

The Singapore government banned Snowball ’04 and Nation ’05, dance parties organised by, 2003 and 2004, respectively. Although PLU was not involved in these commercial ventures, PLU felt that the ban was discriminatory, since large dance parties catering to non-gay markets were promoted without hindrance. PLU felt it was important to remind Singaporeans that the […]

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