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SiGNeL: introduction

SiGNeL – the Singapore Gay News List SiGNeL is the email forum of People Like Us. SiGNeL is not a “gay” group in the sense of being restricted to gay people. SiGNeL is open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation, to serve members who are interested in, and who confine discussions to gay issues pertaining […]

SiGNeL: content guidelines

Moderators will apply these guidelines when reviewing messages. Subscribers are advised to abide by these guidelines when submitting messages to the SiGNeL forum: Messages should be: 101 related to gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues. . . . and . . . 102 relevant to Singapore, though important international gay and lesbian news, even if […]

SiGNeL: netiquette

When posting messages to SiGNeL, please be considerate to other subscribers: Is your message meaningful? Please avoid one-liners. Subscribers spend time downloading and opening messages. They generally look forward to messages with interesting content. Avoid remarks that are supposed to be humourous or sarcastic. Somebody somewhere is bound to misinterpret your statement,w ith the risk […]

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