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Report: Pink run

After the National Parks Board told us that we could not run at Botanic Gardens, it was decided to change the venue of the run. At first, the roads around the Botanic Gardens were considered, but from previous times, it was felt to be somewhat unsafe for a large group of joggers as there were [...]

Despite the absence of Prof Douglas Sanders, the event went on as scheduled. Russell Heng and Alex Au jointly paraphrased a recent paper by Douglas Sanders, “377 - and the unnatural afterlife of British colonialism”.
In this paper, Sanders traced the origins of this law to King Henry VIII’s campaign to disestablish the Roman Catholic [...]

Review: Relationship myths

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There were about 60 - 70 in the audience, many more women than men. Now why is that?

Anj Ho did her talk with some very interesting slides.

Anj Ho.

Ovidia Yu presented a reading of “Pierced Years” . It’s a short story set at a moment when there’s a death in a family. Old friends rally around, and while there may be a little friction, what with different personalities involved, eventually things resolve with understanding and not a little good humour.
Ng Yi-Sheng was not [...]

(Editor’s note: review needed)

Vernon Voon giving his talk

The audience was smallish - about 30 people - but very much engaged.

Review: Voices

Tin gave a lovely evening of Chinese and English songs, with the help of Shawn on the keyboard and guests Henry, Shirlene and Kim. It took a while before the 50-strong audience warmed up, but when they did, they joined in heartily.

Tin at the microphone, Shawn at the keyboard.


Tin takes over the keyboard for some [...]

Review: ContraDiction

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“In the Pink” had to be cancelled when the National Parks Board wrote to say they would refuse to allow “organised gatherings” using the Botanic Gardens as a “venue for interest groups to politicise their cause”. The religious rightwing had orchestrated a complaint to the police and all the way up to the Deputy Prime [...]

The turnout, at something like 110, was much more than the organiser expected for this session.
The panel comprised 2 teachers and 5 young men who can freshly recall their teenage years.
The teachers spoke about what they observed as the schools’ ways of handling sexuality education. For example, in some schools, sexuality education was conducted [...]

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