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Without a doubt, this was the mother of all Indignation events. The old Parliament chamber was standing room only, which is something that never happened in all the years when the real politicians were holding court there. Eat your hearts out, PAP MPs.

IndigNation organizers expected the crush and handed out 350 plastic cups as tickets. [...]

IndigNation 2006 a resounding success

IndigNation 2006, Singapore’s gay and lesbian Pride season, was a resounding success. Although it ended on 24 August 2006, there are tons of archival material which the organisers and helpers are going through only now.
Thus, this site will continue to be updated as we prepare material into bite-sized segments. For one, here is a list of [...]

Review: Book launch of SQ21

The book SQ21: Singapore queers in the 21st century is not just a first for Singapore, but a first for all of Asia. A compilation of personal stories by 15 individuals, it speaks of self-discovery, rejection by family, coming out, love…. and much more.
It is the ‘much more’ that is much, much more. In a country [...]

Talking cock in Parliament

Click on this link to launch audio file.
You need  to have software such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or iTunes; you need hardware such as speakers (is the volume set to mute?) or earphones.
It’s a big file, about 1.2 mb. It takes a few seconds to download and play; don’t be click-happy. The play-duration is [...]

Review: History talk

In her short talk, Venya Sinhaputri unlocked for the smallish audience the fact that Tamil writing from hundreds of years ago had references to same-sex love. It was a bit difficult to follow as the gods and characters were rather unfamiliar to Singaporeans. Furthermore, as she said, translating poetry into English loses much of its [...]

Review: Celebrating couplehood

Can I tattoo my will onto my thigh? was a question from the floor that sent the audience into uproarious laughter.
But it was a serious question. Would such a will be valid? Lawyer Sunita Sonya Parhar thought not, for the question would surely arise as to how the required two witnesses could sign it.
This was [...]

Review: Fairy Godfather

Playwright Desmond Sim (pic right) is no stranger to those who are familiar with Singapore theatre, particularly its gay plays. Sim wrote the very successful Autumn Tom Yam about an old wealthy American professor who left his wife for a working class Thai boy. In staking out such classic rice queen territory, the play poses [...]

Review: Mothers at the edge

Writer Christine Suchen Lim began by declaring she was turning story-teller for the evening a la the Chinatown story-tellers of yore. That was what she delivered, reading her two short stories like she was speaking to her audience, pausing here to make a comment, breaking there to fill you in on some missing background. The [...]

Review: Signs of our times

From Rob Phillips, the audience learnt that there is not a single dedicated gay bar in all of India. From Chris Tan, we heard about how Singapore’s gay bars gradually clustered themselves in the Chinatown area.
Each country takes its own trajectory when it comes to the emergence of its gay community.
In the case of India, the [...]

Here is a comment that from the blog of Jee Leong KOH, one of the poets who participated in ContraDiction on 3 August 2006:
The Media Development Authority of Singapore, which is tasked with media censorship, licensed ContraDiction, a gay poetry reading, on the condition that one of my poems would not be read. The offending [...]

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